Experience Voss

We are an Irish-Norwegian outdoor adventure specialist based in the mountains surrounding Voss in western Norway.

Our outdoor adventure packages are the perfect getaway to the Norwegian wilderness, experience first hand the beautiful landscapes of the mountains, lakes and fjords. While being immersed in the incredible nature, we’ll also have the time to chill and have a beer while soaking it all in. We are a company that cares about the little things that make your trip unforgettable. Taking the time to savour the spectacular views from the top of the mountain and enjoying homemade waffles and fresh coffee over the fire.

We specialise in micro adventures suitable for everyone. Giving you the chance to experience the best of the outdoor life in Voss. For us there is nothing better than to give our clients a taste of our world, capturing the essence of Voss that guarantees you to be leaving wanting more

We also focus on capturing those moments through the lens for you to take home and share with friends and family.

Voss is the ideal all round destination for activities like kayaking, mountains biking, whitewater rafting, skiing, paragliding, skydiving, snowboarding, camping and hiking. Voss has fast become one of go to adventure towns in Norway and it lives up to the hype.

“It´s not about the destination. It´s about the journey!”

Exploring around the Voss mountains to see the sights of the fjords and see some majestic places. We know the hikes that will leave you invigorated and planning your next trip with us!