Voss is a connectivity hub in Fjord Norway, we are situated in the middle of everything. One hour from Bergen, 30 min to Hardanger, 40 min to Sogn. You can stay with us for a week, and still have new  territory to discover. There is no need for time consuming moving and packing.

Within three – four km from Store Ringheim you will find Voss Resort, Voss Folkemuseum, Voss Golf, Voss Rafting / klatrepark, Voss Vind, Voss city center, Voss Skydive, Een Fotballgolf, Utebassenget, Finneloftet, Galleri, Prestegardsmoen park og strandområde, Tandem Paragliding, padling, Bordalsgjelet and a lot more.

Staying with us, there is activities for everyone.

Contact us

Tlf: (+47) 954 06 135