Store Ringheim History

Store (large) Ringheim was the largest of the Ringheim farms, it is now split into three normal sized Western Norway farms and a number of smaller. The other Ringheim farms are Nedre (lower) Ringheim, Indre (inner) Ringheim and Vetle (small) Ringheim.

The name is very old and of unknown origion since the farms are not arranged in a cirkle (ring), and there is also no known connection with the old male name Hringr (Ring). The possibility of the use of Ring in the context of poor is not likely since the conditions for agriculture is very good at these farms.

The area is likely to be among the first areas to be used for agriculture at Voss for more than two milleniums ago, there is grave heaps from pre Viking age at the farm.

The first written documentation from the farm is a legal dispute from 1300 where Hollrod from Store Ringheim is on of the parties

After the Black Death the farm was partly a part of the church properties, owned by priests and priest widows and run by tenants. 1740 a smaller part of the farm was partitioned off and this is now farm number two. The remaining farm number 1 was sold to my ancestor, Johannes Olsen Hole in 1778 by the vicar Jens Bergendahl. Johannes then took the name Ringheim as the custom was at the time.

Johannes was a colorful man who presumably had travelled the world, in the deed he was called a Danne Mand (Danish man) an expression for being a Danish Citizen although being born and raised at Voss. He had the privilege to produce spirits and had up to 16 barrels of spirits in stock in the old Loft (timber logged storage house) according to local history books. The loft is still in the middle of the yard.





Owners of Store Ringheim in our family

  • Johannes Olsen Store Ringheim, 1778 – 1802
  • Rannveig Bjarnesdtr (Mølster) Ringheim 1802 – 1822
  • Olav Johanneson Ringheim 1822  1833
  • Orlog Johannesdtr Ringheim 1833 – 1848
  • Per Sjursson Ringheim 1848 – 1892
  • Ivar Pedersen Ringheim 1892 – 1897
  • Sjur Ivarson Ringheim 1897 – 1964
  • Ivar S Ringheim 1964 – 1990
  • Svein I og Jorunn F Ringheim 1990 –

The current owners have transformed the farm from a traditional dairy farm into a hotel and a restaurant.