Local food & farm food

Sustainable food - from fields to table


We like to use good and fresh ingredients for our tasty meals served in the restaurant in the old barn. We produce some ourselves, the rest we get as much as possible locally from producers who deliver the good quality we want to have.

We like ourselves out in the nature - and we collect the herbs, mushrooms and berries that we use in our food.

All our tasty dishes served in Restaurant Flor'n are made with love from scratch. This means that we know everything about what is in the food we cook, and this also makes our kitchen very flexible.

We rarely make local specialties, but if there is a desire for it, we make it for you - from the best of good local ingredients.

Store Ringheim Farmfood


We also make some farm food based on old traditional recipes and with our own twist. What is left over and not used in the restaurants, we sell through our small farm shop. So at times it is possible to buy some of our tasty farm products you get served for breakfast or in the restaurant.