Through Store Ringheim Apartments we have 5 apartments for rent, for both shorter and longer stays. These apartments is a suppplement to the 15 hotel rooms in our boutique hotel at Store Ringheim.

Villa Solberg is located in the center of Voss, approximately 5 minutes by car from Store Ringheim hotel & restaurant. Villa Hjadlane is located just below the fields of Store Ringheim.

See the map image for an overview and the location of our 2 apartment houses.

Check-in, keys and check-out in the reception at Store Ringheim hotel & restaurant. 

Check-in from 4 pm to 8 pm. Check-out by 12 noon.

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VILLA HJADLANE with 2 apartments


Villa Hjadlane with 2 newly renovated and spacious apartments has the address Hjellane 2, Voss. The house is located just below the fields of Store Ringheim hotel & restaurant.

The two apartments are on the 1st and 2nd floor of the house. The apartment on the 1st floor is slightly larger than the one on the 2nd floor. They both have 2 bedrooms and everything you need for a pleasant stay. Please note that the apartment on the 2nd floor has one of the bedroom outside in the stairwell. 

Both apartments have self-catering, but it's possible to buy breakfast at the hotel. Minumum stay is 2 nights.

Check-in and keys at the reception at Store Ringheim hotel.

VILLA SOLBERG with 3 apartments


In Villa Solberg we have 3 newly renovated apartments for rent through Store Ringheim Apartment. These apartments are available for booking through AirBnb, link under each apartment.

Villa Solberg is centrally located in Lundarvegen 15B, with a great view over Vossevangen and Gråsida. From the house it is only 5 minutes to walk down to the town square, about 20 minutes walk up to Store Ringheim hotel & Restaurant Flor'n - and it's only 5 minutes by car.

The apartments in Villa Solberg are rented as self-catering. Minimum stays is 2 nights.

Check-in and keys at the reception at Store Ringheim hotel.