Korean guest eating traditional “Smalahove” (lamb head)

Of all things a Korean film crew producing a “Travel in Norway” feature showed up in our restaurant and wanted to try the traditional dish “Smalahove” or lambs head in English. No problems we said and they booked a table for the night.


Smalahove is a traditional dish in many countries, not just Norway. Many people finds it a little strange to eat a dish that stares at you but part from that it actually is very good food allthough it will never become Norways contribution to world cuisine:)


They came and filmed everything from the preparation, cooking, serving and eating. And the guy not surprisingly enjoyed it allthough the taste was very unfamiliar, also in Korea they have traditional food where they use odd ingredients to make great food.


The Smalahove season is typically in the fall, september to xmas, this is the time that Norwegians come together in a good restaurant like ours to enjoy Smalahove and to have a great time.


Smalahove will never occur on our ala carte menu, it will need to be pre – ordered, should you wish to visit our restaurant and enjoy our great food check out the menus on this web site or pre-order some traditional food.


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